Think you’re possibly pregnant? You are not alone as you determine your next steps.

The most common symptom of early pregnancy is a missed period, but even this could be misleading if you have an irregular period or if it is simply later than normal.

Some other signs of early pregnancy that can prompt you to take a pregnancy test include breast tenderness, swelling or pain, feeling nauseous or vomiting (commonly known as “morning sickness”), and experiencing extreme fatigue and tiredness.

These symptoms and a potential change in appetite or heightened sensitivity to smells may indicate the need for a pregnancy test.

How Accurate are Pregnancy Tests?

To determine if you might be pregnant, take note of your specific symptoms and when they started.

If you think that you’re pregnant and have taken a home pregnancy test, follow up with a medical-grade pregnancy test to be sure of your results. You could have taken it at the wrong time and received inaccurate test results. We can help you understand your results.

While a pregnancy test can detect the presence of hCG, a pregnancy hormone, it can still be present in your body if you have recently experienced a miscarriage. 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, so you’ll want to follow up a pregnancy test with an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy’s viability (if it has a heartbeat & is progressing).

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We can also help you receive medically accurate information about the pregnancy process, which can help you understand your pregnancy options and make an informed choice.

Every woman deserves to feel supported on her pregnancy journey, and we are here to provide emotional and physical help.

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