Whether or not you and your parents are close, the idea of sharing your unplanned pregnancy news with them can still feel daunting and unpredictable—especially if you’re in school or still living at home.

Expect that talking about this may be a challenging and emotional conversation. Still, if you approach it with respect, honesty, and a willingness to communicate, you can lay the foundation for understanding, support, and working through the situation together as a family.

Choose the Right Time and Place

While there is never an ideal moment for this conversation, choose a quiet environment and a time when everyone can be fully present.

For example, selecting a time when your parents are about to leave for work may not be the most suitable moment to share the news. However, waiting until the end of the day when everyone has had a chance to unwind and settle in can create a more conducive environment for a constructive conversation.

Decide Who Should Be There

If your parents have a good relationship with your partner, consider having him there to help field questions and provide moral support.

However, if you think this would lead to escalation, consider having him on standby but not in the room with you.

If any of your parents are prone to outbursts or aggressive behavior, have a backup plan for where you’ll spend the night so your parents can have time and space to cool down.

Be Ready for Their Initial Reactions

Understand your parents may have various emotions, from excitement to disappointment, shock, and concern. They may need time to process the news before they are fully ready to discuss it, so be patient as they come to terms with it.

Are You Concerned About Your Safety?

If you’re nervous about how your family might react, consider other communication methods.

You can tell your parents in person in a public setting or call them and share the news over the phone.

Talk to us if you’re in an unsafe situation or feel unsafe at home. We can help you navigate the conversation and connect you with help.

Schedule a No-Cost Ultrasound

Before you tell your parents, schedule a no-cost ultrasound at the Pregnancy Help Center so you can feel more informed about your pregnancy and prepared for some of their questions.

An ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy’s gestational age, whether or not your pregnancy is developing in the uterus (not ectopic), and if it is still viable, meaning you haven’t miscarried.

Our professional, expert staff can also listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and ensure you feel supported and informed.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!