The Baby Bottle Blessings campaign is PHC’s largest fundraiser and provides essential funding for the services we provide. In 2022, we raised over $70,000! Can you help us reach our goal of $75,000 this year?

Most churches distribute bottles on Mother’s Day and then collect them on Father’s Day (though it can be done at any time). Feel free to use these resources for your campaign!


  • Bulletin insert– download the file, copy it in color or black/white, fold and insert into the bulletin (Download Bulletin Insert)
  • Preservice slides– This is a PowerPoint slide you can copy and paste into your own presentation. (Download Pre-service slide)
  • Social Media graphic– use this graphic on Facebook, in an e-newsletter, email or on the church website to promote the event.(Download BBB Promo graphic)

If your church has a specific request, please contact our office at 859-624-3942.

Businesses can also participate in Baby Bottle Blessings.  Contact us if you would like to have bottles that you can set out to collect change, cash and checks from those who come through your doors.